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Thank, Elko, for a great 2013 convention

We had a terrific time exploring Elko.

From our board meeting at Sherman Station to the beer-tasting by Ruby Mountain Brewing Co., to the suites at Marriott, to the Elko Convention Center and banquet by Red Lion, it was an excellent convention.

Congratulations to the all the award winners. If you weren’t able to make the trip — and you really should have — we’ll be sending out the plaques and certificates that weren’t picked up at the banquet.

The old saw says, "Let sleeping dogs lie." Right. Still when there is much at stake it is better to get a newspaper to do it.
        — Mark Twain, member of the Nevada Press Hall of FameHall_of_Fame.htmlHall_of_Fame.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0
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    The Nevada Press Association is the formal trade organization for the newspaper industry in Nevada. It is a voluntary non-profit organization that represents 7 daily and 35 weekly newspapers in Nevada and the Lake Tahoe region of Northern California, as well as two online news services.

    The association has a long history.  Between 1888 and 1915, an association of Nevada newspapers was organized and re-organized several times. In 1924, a journalism professor at the University of Nevada in Reno led the reorganization of the association, which officially became known as the Nevada State Press Association.

    The organization dropped "State" from its name in 1995, becoming the Nevada Press Association.

An 11-member board of officers and directors, elected by member newspapers, governs the association.
    The Nevada Press Association is dedicated to representing the common interests of Nevada newspapers, furthering the public's right to know through an understanding that strong newspapers (protected by the First Amendment) are the cornerstone of a democratic society, promoting a closer fellowship within the newspaper fraternity, encouraging the elevation of journalistic standards and promoting the value of newspaper advertising.

See more about the history of the NPA.

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Last year Nevada newspapers sold more than 118 million copies and gave away almost 40 million more.


The Sesquicentennial Series

To mark Nevada’s 150th anniversary of its admission to statehood, several Nevada newspapers are publishing a yearlong series provided by the Nevada Press Association.

To learn more about the series, go here.

Ready. Set. Enter.

It’s time to enter the 2014 Better Newspaper Contest.

You know what that means?

Get your entries together — the best stories, photos, designs, ads. We celebrate the best of Nevada journalism each year with awards in dozens of categories.

We’ve mailed a ‘call for entries’ to NPA members, along with a tally sheet. There’s also an editable PDF version of the tally sheet on the contest page. The deadline for entries will be June 2. Remember, the magazine portion of the contest has slightly different rules.

Want to see just how good the best can be? Check out the 2013 award winners.