2012 awards for magazines


Silver Star Award

Ann Galli (assistant to the publisher), Joyce Smith (business manager), RANGE magazine

Extraordinary women.


General Excellence

  1. 1.Nevada Magazine

This was a fun magazine to read. Good writing, beautiful photography and interesting mix of copy. It's unusual to find a state tourism publication that is this well done. Fits its niche perfectly.

  1. 2.RANGE magazine

Of all the entries, this publication probably does the best job of nailing relevance to its readers. Good mix of content, from history pieces to issues to warm fuzzies. The cover shots of the wolf and the sheep farmer were outstanding.

C.J. Hadley (publisher/editor), John Bardwell (designer), Joyce  Smith (business manager), Ann Galli (assistant to the publisher), Joani  Hawes (customer service)

  1. 3.Desert Companion

Excellent entry. Good writing and good mix of themed issues.

Andrew Kiraly, Chris Smith

Overall, some excellent entries.  Good, original writing in all publications and excellent ads.

Best Feature Story

  1. 1.Jarret Keene, Desert Companion

Chair punk!

Sharply written, descriptive and entertaining to read.

  1. 2.Susan  Lynn (writer), Abby  Johnson (photos), John  Bardwell (designer), C.J. Hadley (publisher/editor), RANGE magazine

United to Survive

It does a fine job of weaving the family, the ranch and the issues.

  1. 3.Melanie Peck, Angela Bakker, Roseann Keegan, Donnie Curtis, Warren Lerude, Terry Henner, Nevada Silver & Blue

Wow! You have that here!

Nice idea for a feature, well executed.

Best Nonstaff Story

  1. 1.Brian Sodoma, David

Teenage Wasteland

Thought you covered topic well, from many angles.  And it is a topic that had not only local relevance, but worldwide relevance.

  1. 2.Ruth Broyde Sharone, David

A Passover Odyssey

Thought it was odd that writer used third-person to reference herself in the article.  However, otherwise thought it was good writing.  And like expressed in article - made Passover accessible to everybody, not just Jews.

  1. 3.Danny Axelrod, Luxury Las Vegas

The E-Team: In Search of Elvis' Soldiers of Fortune

Appreciated how different this was. 

Best Explanatory Journalism

  1. 1.Heidi Kyser, Desert Companion

A home for the arts — our arts

The most in-depth article in the category. You did a great job of letting the public know just what was in store for other performances in addition to the ballet and orchestra. A great read ... especially for someone not even close to the area!

  1. 2.Melanie Peck, Angela Bakker, Roseann Keegan, Donnie Curtis, Warren  Lerude, Terry Henner, Nevada Silver & Blue

Wow! You have that here!

Captured the excitement of those involved and made readers want to visit exhibits. Pictures added a lot to story and made you want to continue reading to see what else was in store

  1. 3.Melanie Peck, Nevada Silver & Blue

Beyond classroom borders — Experiential learning at Nevada

You did such a good job with your topic. Very interesting article on an unusual approach to teaching...and learning. Like that a use of different type of studies were extensively explained.

Best Investigative or In-depth Story or  Series

  1. 1.Amy Kingsley, Desert Companion

Fight this feeling

Good research and progression through the article.  The only negative was the bit overwrought full paragraph beginning with ""What really happened that night?""   The repeated phase of what could have caused the death was needed for emphasis. Also the last sentence sounded like the author's opinion put in question form.

  1. 2.Heidi Kyser, Desert Companion

Pet project

Highlights what Best Friends does best, how they do it and their history. Also how they are reinventing themselves to better respond to the needs in Las Vegas.

  1. 3.Michael S.  Coffman, Ph.D. (writer), John Bardwell (designer), C.J. Hadley (publisher/editor), RANGE magazine

Our Federal Landlord: Part 1—Early Westward Expansion, 1784 to 1891/Part II—The Federal Landlord: The Road to Tyranny/Part III—The Hage Saga: Attempted federal destruction of one Nevada ranch family/Sidebar—Federal Laws

The story of the Hages was engrossing and would have begged the question from the reader, "why is this happening to the Hages?" That question could have been answered by weaving the history that makes up about half of the beginning of the article.  This would inform the reader of the historical facts while keeping the reader's interest.  Although a fascinating story if the reader is able to make it more than halfway through the entire article, the part that makes a reader "care" doesn't even begin until more than halfway through.

Best Local Column

  1. 1.Corey Levitan, David

Fired and Loafing, An Inconeivable Story, Cupid is as Cupid Does, Unreal Estate.

Hilarious. Also intensely personal. A great recipe for a great column.

  1. 2.Matthew B. Brown, Nevada Magazine

Matthew B. Brown

  1. 3.Beth Schwartz, Luxury Las Vegas

From the Editor

Best Overall Design

  1. 1.Chris Smith, Desert Companion

This magazine could win national design awards. Very inviting covers with clever ideas for art, color choices are spot-on, complementing and not overpowering the covers. The drop caps are fun, as are the directionals used, the headline typography is smart, slab serifs give each story an air of authority, and the use of body typography is just right. This magazine, at a passing glance, feels weighty, like it has a lot to say, it's not too airy and light to feel fluffy. THAT is design!

  1. 2.Matt Lauc, Reno Magazine

I love the harmony of the covers, with the name of the magazine and the simplicity of each one in the entry. You know when packages need to be active, and when simplicity and good photo play should carry the day. That's smart!

  1. 3.Steven Wilson, David

Smart magazine title, love the typography with no crossbar on the A. A lot to like, love the forgiveness headline treatment. Photos are smartly played, I think sometimes the layouts are inconsistent with the voice of the magazine, and sometimes the drop shadows on headlines are overdone. On magazine stock, drop shadows are almost unnecessary, and should be used only to enhance readability, not distanced so far from a headline as to become part of the photo. But overall fantastic work!

Best Cover Design

  1. 1.Kelly  Travis, James Magno, Beth Schwartz, Tanja Brennan, Ria  Reodica, Jim K.  Decker, Luxury Las Vegas

Beautiful photography is accented perfectly with contrasting and minimal typography.

  1. 2.Matt Lauc, Reno Magazine

  2. 3.Chris  Smith, Desert Companion

Best Page Designer(s)

  1. 1.Tony deRonnebeck, Nevada Magazine

  2. 2.Chris Smith, Desert Companion

  3. 3.Sean Nebeker, Nevada Magazine

Best Illustration

  1. 1.Aaron McKinney, Desert Companion

Cell phone

This illustration is the standout, by far. Great work.

  1. 2.Rowena Sioson, Luxury Las Vegas

Peace, Love and Zappos

Fun, energetic, colorful. The ideal illustration for the piece.

  1. 3.Aaron McKinney, Desert Companion


Probably not the best idea to show a strict vegetarian serving a burger. Otherwise, it's great.

Best News Photo Coverage

  1. 1.David Gonzales, Nevada Silver & Blue

Success Propels Nevada Athletics to the Next Level

Best Feature Photo

  1. 1.Erika Haight, RANGE magazine

Broncs in a Bog

The detail in this photo of the cowboy covered in mud is great. It shows so much on what it takes to be a cowboy. On a side note, I would of liked to see the original photo used instead of the edited version. 

  1. 2.Chris Smith, Desert Companion

Chair punk!

  1. 3.Richard Stokes, Reno Magazine

CeCe Gable

There was a nice array of photos in this category. The three winners I chose had the most detail, emotion and interest in their photo.

Best Multiple Photo Essay

  1. 1.Tony deRonnebeck, Matthew B. Brown, Nevada Magazine

Great Nevada Picture Hunt

These photos are just spectacular, and the combination of typography, spacing and photo play choices (big for large landscapes, smaller for detail shots) was spot-on. It was fun to read about each photo, also. The information for each photo was accessible without being intrusive. Wonderful job!

  1. 2.Bill Hughes, Desert Companion

The superhero next door

Cool layouts! You maximized both the photos and the vignettes with smart layout choices, mortising photos in areas that didn't take away from the story. Compelling photos, compelling people, smart layout. A winning combination!

  1. 3.Jim K.  Decker, Luxury Las Vegas

Painted, Plated & Sated: The Artistry of Season Menu Changes at Joel Robuchon

Food photos are hard to do, because to make them compelling you have to design the shots to make them interesting. The cover photo caught my eye immediately, even with a choice of a purple screen that detracted instead of complemented the photo. Get out of the way! Nice combination of preparation photos and detail photos of the finished products, great focus, excellent work!

Best Portrait

  1. 1.Paul Mobley, RANGE magazine

Bill and Bruce Wright

Nice concept on this photo. Nicely photographed.

  1. 2.Chris Smith, Desert Companion

How tough is Dwight Jones?

Straight ahead portrait that works well.  Cropped in tight an overall strong image

  1. 3.Richard Stokes, Reno Magazine

Jale Trepp

Best Illustrated Photo

  1. 1.Cristina Stefan, Luxury Las Vegas

Power of Love

Very nice variety that showcases the clothing well!

  1. 2.Jim K.  Decker, Luxury Las Vegas

The Joie De Vivre of Ladylike Dressing

  1. 3.Richard Stokes, Reno Magazine

Wines for a cause

First and Second were a toss up to judge.  Both were well photographed and illustrated their subjects well. In the end the variety of the "Power of Love" piece won out.

Best Large-Space Ad

  1. 1.Richard Stokes, Matt Lauc, Reno Magazine

A life transformed

I like the simplicity of the ad. The light touches of pink really help bring the ad together. It has a very nice visual impact as a spread.

The pictures are a little cheesy looking. Especially the one with her lifting free weights. They look well shot, it's just the expression on her face. But that's really a minor quibble. I really like everything else about the ad.

  1. 2.Richard Stokes, Matt Lauc, Reno Magazine

Sweet Temptation

I love the pictures and how you have them laid out on the second page. In fact, I really love everything about the second page. It looks really good.

I'm not overly fond of what you did in the 1/3rd page space on the first page. The picture, background, and flourishes all look nice, but it looks like there wasn't much thought put into the text of the ad, especially on the bottom half. At the very least the website could have been emphasized. Maybe even the first few lines of the first paragraph. And why use a sans-serif font? A serif font would have better complemented the design and logo.

On a side note, I'm curious why there wasn't an address and phone number in the ad. Some people still make reservations over the phone. I find it odd neither one was included.

  1. 3.Sean Nebeker, Carrie Roussel, Nevada Magazine

Virginia City

I love the train picture, and using it faded out in the background is a nice touch. It really adds a nice texture to the ad. The color scheme is also very nice and complements the pictures well.

I'm not sure what effect you put on the ""Virginia City"" headline, but it looks really bad.  A more consistent light gray to white gradient would have looked much better. I also don't understand why you used dotted boxes as lines/spacers. I looks bizarre.

It was really hard to chose positions in this competition. I went back and forth a few times. If Virginia City wouldn't have had those ridiculous looking effects on its headline there's a decent chance it would have won.

Best Multi-Color Ad

  1. 1.Sean Nebeker, Carrie Roussel, Nevada Magazine

JB Mapes Company

I love how clean this ad looks. I love the gray and pink color scheme. The text and images go very well together because of it. I like what you tried to do with the storefront. Kind of like your looking at it through glass cut at an angle around the edges. It's not perfect, but it's pretty cool.

The only thing I would change is emphasize the whole "Mention this ad for a free dessert with purchase" thing a bit. It's really easy to miss. It's a beautiful ad though. I love it.

  1. 2.Sean Nebeker, Carrie Roussel, Nevada Magazine

Celebrate the Past & Present

The picture you used in the background is gorgeous. It really grabs your attention quickly. I also like how you have the box with the subscription prices fading into the background. It's a nice touch.

You did well to not lose the white serif text on the photo background. The shadow behind the text really makes all the difference. Still, if the press was just a little off when the ad was printed, it could definitely make it hard to read. I'd be careful using serif text like that.

All that said, I really dislike using inner bevels in anything, much less text. A simple white to 15% gray gradient would look much better and a lot cleaner.

  1. 3.Nevada Magazine, Sean Nebeker, Carrie Roussel

Goldfield Days

I like the cowboy silhouette background. The sunset color scheme is nice.

The contact information on the bottom is kind of hard to read. It could really use a shadow or dark outer glow. Just something so it doesn't get lost in the background.

Best-In House Promotion

  1. 1.Sean Nebeker, Carrie Roussel, Nevada Magazine

Capture Your Moment

Clever idea! Great way to add a low-impact revenue stream.

  1. 2.Sean Nebeker, Carrie Roussel, Nevada Magazine

Celebrate the Past & Present

Very attractive package and sure to be a keepsake.

  1. 3.Sean Nebeker, Carrie Roussel, Nevada Magazine

We're Traveling Nevada. You Should Too.

Very appealing idea.

Advertising General Excellence

  1. 1.Nevada Magazine

Best Regular Department

  1. 1.Matthew B. Brown, Tony deRonnebeck, Charlie Johnston, Nevada Magazine

Wide Open

  1. 2.Mary Branscomb (writer), Suzanne  Finney (writer), Julie Zimmerman (writer), John Bardwell (designer), C.J.  Hadley (publisher/editor), RANGE magazine

Confessions of Red Meat Survivors

  1. 3.Johnathan Wright, Laura Longero, Richard Stokes, Matt Lauc, Reno Magazine


Best Profile/Interview

  1. 1.Siobhan McAndrew, Reno Magazine

Kathleen Sandoval

  1. 2.T.R. Witcher, Desert Companion

How to fix a broken girl

  1. 3.James Hardesty, Melanie Peck, Nevada Silver & Blue

What I've Learned: The Honorable James Hardesty


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