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2013 Hall of Fame inductee: John Cahlan

John Cahlan, who started in the newspaper business by hawking copies on street corners as a boy, rose to become editor of two of the state’s largest and oldest newspapers.

His earliest renown, however, was as a sportscaster. As a student at the University of Nevada in Reno, he announced the play-by-play of football games through a megaphone while running along the sidelines.

Cahlan was editor of the State Journal Register in Reno before moving to Las Vegas in 1929 to work on the Las Vegas Review, of which his brother, Al, was part owner. When that paper merged with the Las Vegas Journal, he became editor of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, a position he held until 1961.

Both his brother and his wife, Florence Jones, already are members of the Nevada Newspaper Hall of Fame.

Cahlan was born Aug. 25, 1902, and received a bachelor’s degree in journalism in 1926 from UNR. At the State Journal, before advancing to news editor and editor, he was a sports editor known for standing on Virginia Street to report updates of World Series games — again, with a megaphone.

“He was a friend of the infamous, the famous and the little people,” a pastor, Joel Rivers, recalled at Cahlan’s funeral in 1985. “He rubbed shoulders with gangsters and Gable. He felt everybody had something to share.”

Cahlan also was instrumental in the formation of the Nevada state archives, persuading the 1965 Legislature to create the repository for historical documents. He received UNLV’s Distinguished Nevadan award in 1974.

“Johnny led a rich life, much richer than most of us,” recalled a friend, Dr. Guild Gray. “He was the big kid on the block in Reno when we were young, and he turned out to be a truly great Nevadan.”

Sweepstakes Winners

Story of the Year

Martha Bellisle, Reno Gazette-Journal

ATF rift

The ongoing ATF rift investigation by the Reno Gazette-Journal is Nevada’s Story of the Year — important, dogged work about a clear risk to public safety due to official shenanigans. The investigation got dramatic results, including members of Congress calling for intervention into the feud between the ATF agents and the U.S. Attorney’s Office, a Department of Justice investigation and an outside review of the gun cases that weren’t prosecuted. In the end, guns were taken off the streets due to the newspaper’s work.

Editorial of the Year

Dennis Myers, Reno News & Review

End thought crimes in Nevada

An excerpt:

In a deplorable incident, Sen. Spearman was once attacked by a group of white men while she served in the military. But that attack was already subject to criminal prosecution. The only thing enhanced penalties would have changed is putting government in charge of establishing what are and are not acceptable thoughts. And acceptable thought has a way of evolving. Fifty-six years ago this week, the federal government indicted Confidential magazine and its distributor on charges of sending obscene material through the mails. The material was information on abortion.

Outstanding Journalists

Jack  Johnson, Boulder City Review

Tough category to judge, as the entrants were quite different, but Johnson’s work was solid, varied and at times outstanding.

    Caley Cook, Elko Daily Free Press

Her experience and background are impressive, but the proof was in the stories. Thorough and engaging, they tackled topics worthy of the effort.

Anjeanette Damon, Las Vegas Sun

Tax law? Yawn? Not so fast. Damon’s ability to dive into the Apple tax-breaks saga (seemingly long before national outlets like the New York Times were able to do the same) shows obvious gumption and willingness to go after a story of local and widespread importance. But to do so – with plenty of background and detail – practically on deadline is truly impressive. Switching gears, Damon’s coverage of Nevada’s jump to “presidential swing state” status does what it would seem every newsroom would want from the national story of all national stories: a local angle. Damon jumps on this angle on election night itself, to boot. “Line of Attack” (essentially an election truth-meter) is well constructed and shows not only range, but fearlessness. Well done all around.

John Katsilometes, Las Vegas Weekly

Hard work on a fun beat — an outstanding combination.

Carolyn Dufurrena, RANGE magazine

Outstanding writing and a committed, personal involvement in many of the issues about which she writes.

Photo of the Year

Jeff Scheid, Las Vegas Review-Journal

Training for a future D-Day

Great photo - from lighting to composition. Tough to get (and possibly tough on your camera!) Top notch!!

Outstanding Visual Journalist

Urban Daily

David Stroud, Las Vegas Review-Journal

Really terrific illustrations and graphics -- and especially impressive output for a daily.


Mark Hayward, RANGE magazine

Of all the outstanding images in this category, he had the most that made me say ‘Wow.’ Beautiful work.

    Ad of the Year

        Sean Rademacher, Las Vegas Weekly

        Newcastle Werewolf Ale

        Beautiful concept and slick execution. Well done!

Freedom of the press

First Place:

Urban dailies — Las Vegas Review-Journal

A classic example of where there's smoke, there's fire and of the power of the press to effect profound change. What started as the embarrassing revelation of Clark County Constable employees engaging in off-color behavior during a reality-TV-show audition led Review-Journal reporters to find examples of much more egregious misconduct, abuse and waste. Ultimately, the Clark County Board of Supervisors gave the office of constable the "death penalty," dissolving it when its embattled occupant's term is up. This was one of the most weighty decisions an elected body can make, and it was made after the newspaper accurately documented all that led up to that decision.

Intermediate — Caley Cook, Elko Daily Free Press

Good job of digging through records to provide details on allegations nobody wanted to talk about.

Urban weeklies — Reno News & Review

Magazines — Julian Stone (writer), C.J. Hadley (writer/publisher/editor), Ramona Hage Morrison (writer), John Bardwell (designer), RANGE magazine.

Range went above and beyond to make sure an important story that fell between its quarterly publication dates was not overlooked by the press.

Second Place: Urban dailies — Martha  Bellisle, Reno Gazette-Journal.

Third Place: Urban dailies — Las Vegas Review-Journal.


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